SEO Ireland - Search Engine Optimisation Guide
Google penalties

Avoid these Violations if You Don’t Want Penalties

Search engines have become more sophisticated these days and are more concerned about content. They want to make user experience more pleasant by only showing the most relevant results. Search engines, Google in particular, want to do away with spam and unnecessary content and...
page speed SEO

Site Speed Counts for SEO

Users do not want sites which take a long time to load and they also do not want search engines which also take a long time to load. Users are in a hurry and they do not have a lot of time to spare. So, Google is keeping its promise and they will not use site speed as one of the...
SEO Site Build

Look at How Your Site is Built for SEO

Content is not the only thing which affects your website rankings. How it is structured can also have a huge effect on how your site is going to fare compared to others. If your website has an excellent structure, it will certainly be on top. So, take a long and honest look at...
Google personalization

Get Better Rankings with Personalization

A few years ago when people searched for anything online, they were likely to find similar search results. However, times have changed and today it would be quite impossible to see the same results on any search engine. This is because companies and website designers have...
SEO Copywriting

The Best SEO Copywriting Tips for B2B

Copywriting for businesses is not a walk in the park. Not only do you have to be very creative, you must also be able to explain a complex system well enough for everyone to understand it. You must also be persuasive or else you will not be able to get businesses to look at your...