SEO Copywriting

The Best SEO Copywriting Tips for B2B

Copywriting for businesses is not a walk in the park. Not only do you have to be very creative, you must also be able to explain a complex system well enough for everyone to understand it. You must also be persuasive or else you will not be able to get businesses to look at your services and your products. If you want to succeed in B2B SEO, here are some tips which you must keep in mind.

Be mindful of your language

Language must be used well or else you will not be able to convey your message well. When writing for B2B SEO, it is a must to use generic language and this is for the reason that B2B searchers tend to look for generic terms instead of brand terms. Yes, you may go ahead and use the brand name in copy but it is still advisable to use generic terms.


Do not confuse search engines. Keep your copy focused on a certain keyword. Having multiple topics on one page will not help at all. Cramming everything on a single page and using a number of unrelated keywords will work against you.

Watch how the words are ordered

There are cases when the order of words does not matter at all. However, in SEO it is significant. You would not want to make a slipshod job of placing and creating your content. Always use the more popular keywords. The words might be all the same but the order matters.

Look at the long tails

Even before you begin writing, you should know what long-tail words are likely to be used by B2B searchers. It is a must to remember that good SEO copywriting means including long-tail SEO words.

Do not forget your captions

If you want to enrich the number of keywords on your copy page, you should ensure that you put captions on your images. This is especially true if the nature of the product is not readily apparent by looking at the picture. Include keywords in the captions and make sure that the keywords match the keyword strategy of the pages.

Keep anchor texts in mind

Anchor texts make it easier for robots to find content on your site and this is something which everyone must remember for good SEO. Look at your pages and determine which one would make a good place for texts and links. Know what the optical anchor text is so that you can incorporate it seamlessly on the page.

Customization of ALT tags

Although ALT text is hardly a visible copy, it is still of utmost importance. Create ALT tags for images but if you use the same image more than once, it is necessary to vary the text and never copy the ALT text.

Page headers must be keyword-rich

Although it is tough to write engaging, creative and keyword-rich headlines, you must strive to do so. Another thing which everyone must remember is that regardless of how engaging and creative your copy is, if it does not have keywords it will be wasted. The search engine should get the right idea about the content of your page.